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Fully digital studio equipped with the latest software

The stings & things mission is to make high quality music, song, mp3s (mp3z), wav, sound effects and samples freely available to all users. These can be used as windows themes, backing music, for productions etc. The most popular download is happy birthday song. Music is created in my state-of-the-art 64-track digital studio.
I have a large archive of jingles & music that I'm beginning to make available here.

Stings and Things
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Welcome! This site is a showcase for the music of Nik Sargent.

If you're looking for jingles, samples, loops or sfx, then bookmark this site (Ctrl-D). I've lots to publish and am updating whenever I can.

You can listen to high quality samples of the music on this site in the player below

New! Children's musical "Pied Piper" now available!!



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Wings, Stings, and Wriggly Things...

style guide
world, new age
pop, dance
jazzy, blues
big band, swing

The music is presented in a number of formats, as follows:

  • Sample. Click each play-button for a low-bitrate sample that will play back immediately in your browser.
  • Free Download. These are lower-bitrate files which makes for quick downloading and less storage.
  • HiFi Download. Sizzling crystal-clear high-bitrate stereo (CD Quality) mp3 files for download. Downloading these files requires a small donation, which helps towards to cost of the storage and bandwidth required to host and serve them.

special promotion: A small single donation entitles you to download ALL files below! This is a time-limited offer until we have migrated all our content to payloadz (currently in progress).

track name + style sample free download hifi download
happy birthday.mp3
happy birthday lyrics
send a free birthday ecard
easypeasy birthday party ideas
send flowers
free happy birthday.mp3 CD quality happy birthday.mp3
vocal happy birthday.mp3 [+ vocals]   vocal happy birthday.mp3 CD quality vocal happy birthday.mp3
jingle bells.mp3
(a sparkling xmas version with plenty sleighbells!)
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  free jingle bells.mp3 CD quality jingle bells.mp3
hokey cokey.mp3 lyrics   free hokey cokey.mp3 CD quality hokey cokey.mp3
dance & ambient beds/loops      
added salt.mp3   free added salt.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
dark toast.mp3   free dark toast.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
druid.mp3   free druid.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
easy glider.mp3   free easy glider.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
han jammer.mp3   free han jammer.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
melted cheese.mp3   free melted cheese.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
ritual.mp3   free ritual.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
zap.mp3   free zap.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
hiya napa.mp3   free hiya napa.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
gothic techno.mp3   free gothic techno.mp3 CD quality beds loops.mp3
Theatre and Dance     ideal for original choreography on stage
kitchen cruisin.mp3
3 minutes of hi-energy object-hitting
  free kitchen cruisin.mp3 CD quality theatre/dance files.mp3
Thematic & tv/film score      
warmth, sunlight and inner-glow
  sunrise CD quality theme & film files.mp3
frozen land
icicles, glaciers and crashing icebergs!
  frozen land CD quality theme & film files.mp3
your eyes
warm the cockles of your loved one's heart, with this short romantic ballad.
send a free romantic ecard
  your eyes CD quality ballad files.mp3
song for guy.mp3   free song for guy.mp3 CD quality archive files.mp3
scarborough fair.mp3   free scarborough fair.mp3 CD quality archive files.mp3
sound effects (audio icons)     These collections are great as windows and PC sound effects. The full versions are available in .wav format
bell bounce mp3 collection
[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]
  all free bell soundFX wav
reverse snare.mp3   free reverse snare.mp3  
news is whispered.mp3

This Jubilee Celebration hymn is by Peter Rose & Anne Conlon. Recording by the BBC.
  news is whispered.mp3 A full length version is not yet available on this site.
For more information on this and other Rose/Conlon hymns & collaborations please contact them.


I liked these files, and I want to say thanks!
if you need to download the hifi files again, no problem! click here.


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